Patient Reviews

Very good doctor caring attitude

A positive impression

Mr. Waseem is one of the best doctors out there. If your children are seen by him then you are lucky and dont have to worry. He provides quality care while always being kind and gentle. He instills trust not only in the parent but the child as well. My kids love him and every time we go to the ER and get to see him they come out happy. So much so that they have even gone back to see him and thank him after the fact.

Mr. Waseem is the best pediatrician in New York. I took my soon for just regular check up. He was so friendly with my baby. He takes care his patients like his own kids. He is very knowledgeable Pediatrician I know who can take care all age groups children with excellent care.

Mr. Waseem was amazing, he gave such kind, compassionate care to my daughter when she was sick. I couldn't have asked for a more caring, thorough Doctor in our time of need. His bedside manner was amazing, putting not only myself as her mother at ease but also putting my infant daughter at ease with the way he interacted with her. You cannot find doctor's like this anymore, he goes above and beyond to ensure that your child is well-taken care of.